X6 Maxbloom Cree

Home Grown Kiwi LTD

  • $599.00

  • The X8 sold out in 7 days and will no longer be available. 
  •  2020. Those that have the X8 know that this is a good LED model. 
  • The X6 Cree has the same amount of CREE diodes as the X8 cree but two less COBs
  • 330w + - 5 watts drawn from the wall
  • CREE 5w Diodes
  • 2x Bridgelux COBs 
  • Coverage 1.0x1.0 easy
  • 2 x dimmers VEG and BLOOM
  • An extremely popular LED 
  • At this price we are 100% certain you'll be happy with the  upgraded drivers! 
  • CE listed and ETL listed components 
  • Very popular with customers. 
  • Happy days

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