The Boss - Starter Pack!

Home Grown Kiwi LTD

  • $3,499.00
  • Save $901

Only 1 left!

  • 1x2.4x2.4x2.0 TGF tent, 1680D nearly three times thicker than 600D material tents....only a few left so be quick!
  • 2x1000w OG Nanolux ballasts with super lumens feature which starts pushing these bad boys over 1200w with a coverage of close to 2.5x2.0 hence you only need two of these in this tent. 
  • 2x Double Ended HPS bulbs punching some of the best HPS spectrum we have seen from an HPS. These normally retail at $189.00
  • 1x200mm mixed flow fan 
  • 1x200mm carbon filter 600mm long with pre-filter
  • 1x200mm ducting 
  • Bonus 1x100mm Inline plastic fan (not in main picture) for intake
  • Bonus 1x100mm ducting (not in main picture) 
  • 3x6 inch oscillating fans
  • 1x Hygrometer
  • 2x 8 auto pot systems with 100 Lt tanks.
  • 1 Boss Nutrient package which includes (The Green Fairy nutrients pack, 1L Bud Burst, Cloning gel 60ml by Yates, 6 x Cloning cubes, Rhizotonic by Canna for root development)  
  • BONUS 4x 6L bags of clay balls, to be placed at the bottom 2 cm of the each auto pot. 
  • BONUS 2x50L Coco Perlite (placed over the coco balls) 
  • 2x Pairs Adjustable Hangers pairs
  • This is a big package and will come in multiple packages due to the size of each item.

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