HGK 320w Quantum

Home Grown Kiwi LTD

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    • These are specifically designed for the tent and DIY environment. 
    • This light can cover all growth ranges (From Seedling to Fruiting or Flowering). 
    • This light will change the premium LED market in NZ. 
    • 2020 technology. 
    • NZ designed made in China. Branded HGK. Made by Sunritek, MS Series LEDS. 
    • 320w draw from the wall (equal to 600w HID)
    • Specifically designed for hobby tent
    • Quantum strip technology
    • 8 bars (40w each)
    • Covers 90cmx90cm right up to 1.2x1.2m tent
    • Size: 736mmx736mm
    • Weight: 5.5kg
    • Osram Diodes (German Made)
    • Sunritek driver
    • PPF 704 umols
    • FSM Full Spectrum which is specific to flowering plants. 
    • 2.2umol/Js
    • Dimming options available to order (picture shows dimming model) 
    • Incredible design, pure quality light, easy to store due to the fold up nature of this LED. 
    • We wouldn't put our name on it if we didn't believe it to be good!

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