HGK 170w Quantum

Home Grown Kiwi LTD

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  • Exclusive to us in NZ. Branded Home Grown Kiwi. Manufactured by Sunritek a global manufacturer of grow lighting. 
  • 3 Year manufacturers warranty
  • Latest technology released at Las Vegas LED light convention in 2019.
  • Specifically designed for hobby tents. 
  • Only drawing 170w out of the wall (Equivalent coverage of a 400w HPS/MH)
  • Ideal tent sizes 70x70cm to 1x1m.
  • FSM light spectrum (full spectrum) proven by commercial growers for flowering and fruiting plants.
  • Osram diodes. (German made).
  • Latest quantum strip technology which produces intense light.
  • Extremely cool running.
  • No ballasts.
  • 2.2 umols/J
  • No fans.
  • Size: 536mmx536mm 
  • PPF 416umols
  • Aluminium frame, which makes this light incredibly light at 5.5KG
  • Sunritek driver.
  • If you want dimming we can have them installed made to order with and customised to your Spectrum of either FSM or FSG
  • When you compare this to he Mars Hydro SP150 there is no comparison. The HGK 170w Quantum made by Sunritek is streets ahead. This has 20w more power and the frame is a better design for a small tent set up as it covers a greater area in a square, unlike the Mars SP150 and Mega 150.  The diodes are German made Osram chips rather than the cheaper Epistar chips, which takes this light above the Mega 150 and the Mars Hydro SP150 for diode quality. We believe this is better for square tents under 1x1m than the Mars Hydro SP250 which falls into the Quantum's price range. 

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