Predatory Mite E

Predatory Mite E

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  • Want to kill spider mites? Then go 100% organic and do it like a pro.
  • Delivered to your door and must be used within 2 days as the predator mites will die. 
  • Product will cover 125m2 so ideal for glass application and ideally should be used prior to any infection or at the start of infection. Mite E will decimate any spider mite colony then cannabalise themselves. There can be only ONE!
  • Process takes several weeks, so if your in a rush this isn't for you. We would then suggest considering non and organic insecticide or Pesticide. 
  • Mite-E is a highly active predatory mite that specialises in feeding on two spotted spider mites (Tetranychus urticae) and other plant-feeding mite species in the family Tetranychidae.

    Mite-E is known to be useful in both greenhouse and outdoor crops, such as rose, orchid, bean, capsicum and strawberry as part of an integrated pest management programme.

    Mite-E is a small highly active predatory mite, orange to bright red in appearance. Adult females are 0.5-0.6 mm long.

    Adult female Mite-E lays her eggs amongst colonies of two-spotted spider mites.

    Both nymph and adult predatory mites actively search for their prey and will feed voraciously on all stages of spider mite from eggs through to adults.

    Under optimal conditions (20C and 65% RH) Mite-E has the potential to devour up to five adult spider mites and twenty eggs and larvae per day, thus reducing twospotted spider mite populations over several weeks.

    Mite-E is almost entirely dependent on two spotted spider mite as a source of food; once all prey has been consumed they will go out in search of a new food supply. If no food is found, the mites may become cannibalistic.

    Mite-E is not considered harmful to humans and animals, and no environmental impacts are expected.

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