Old Skool IV

Home Grown Kiwi LTD

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  • Big yields for small initial investment
  • Included in this pack
  • 1x2.4x2.4mx2m 1680D The Green Fairy tent. 3D Reflective material 25mm metal poles.
  • 4x600w HPS Vented metal Ballast
  • 4x150mm Cool tubes
  • 4x600w Super HPS Gro Par bulbs
  • 4x600w Metal Halide Gro Par Bulbs
  • 2xPairs of adjustable hangers
  • 1x200mm inline fan centrifugal
  • 1x150mm inline fans
  • 1xMixed flow fan 100mm (white plastic) 
  • 1x200mm silencer
  • 1x150mm silencer
  • 1x100mm silencer
  • 2xspeed controllers (If customer asks for plastic fans instead of steel) 
  • 1x200mmx600mm Carbon filter
  • 1xpair of blue grow room glasses 
  • 1x200mm Ducting 
  • 1x150mm Ducting
  • 1x100mm Ducting
  • Tent is sent heavy transport due to being 60KG package

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