OG Cool Tube 600

Home Grown Kiwi LTD

  • $399.00
  • Save $39

    • 1 x 600w OG Slim Ballast (Kiwi Plugs) NCCS Ready, Slow start tech, super lumens feature
    • 1 x Gloria Cool Tube
    • 1 x 600w Nanolux Premium HPS Bulb (2500K) Outstanding flowering bulb) 

    With the cool tube you need to have a fan and ducting similar to the size of the cool tube. This will filter air through the unit out of the area before too much heat escapes! This means its easier to manage heat in your grow area. 

    Cool tube sales are generally very very strong during spring to late summer. Due the demand this is when these become harder to find. So buy in winter and get things ready for summer. These cool tube work perfectly fine in winter as well.

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