OG 1000 Pack I

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  • THIS HID pack is streets ahead of other HID packs for one main reason?! cooling. The extensive use of intake fans, cool tube reflector, oscillating fan, and dimmable ballast allows the grower to take control of the tents heat issues and allows the OG ballast to concentrate on providing your plants old skool results in modern environmental control.
  • 1x 150x150x200cm Jungle Room Tent
  • 1x 1000w OG Ballast dimmable 50% to 120%. NCCS ready
  • 1x 1000w single ended MH bulb 
  • 1x 1000w single end HPS bulb
  • 1x Gloria 150mm cool tube, patented vega reflector
  • 1x 150mm Urban farmer centrifugal fan (with separate speed controller) 800 CMH 
  • 1x 150mm x 400mm Carbon Filter
  • 1x 150mm x 10m blackened ducting 
  • 1x 150mm booster fan for in take
  • 1x Hygrometer
  • 1x Grow room glasses
  • 1x 6 inch oscillating tent fan