MaxBloom X4 CREE-Multi Dimming

Home Grown Kiwi LTD

  • $499.00

This is the last of the X4 Cree Stock and will not be available after this shipment has sold out. 

  • 225w draw from the wall 
  • Veg and Bloom Dimmers
  • Coverage 70x70 to 1x1m at 18 inches
  • 12 band spectrum
  • 48 x Cree Diodes in two panels
  • Each panel draws 50w each
  • 2x Bridgelux diodes similar to the A900 Bloombeast
  • Plenty of videos on you tube about this light.
  • Half the size of the X8 exactly.  
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty 12 month retailer warranty. 

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