Lucius II

Lucius II

Home Grown Kiwi LTD

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  • 120x240x200cm Trojan grow tent
  • 2 x Lucius dimmable 600w Ballast (take MH and HPS bulbs)
  • 600w HPS Indoor sun bulb
  • 2 x HID Reflectors
  • 150mm Black Hawk Carbon Filter 1m long
  • Pair of adjustable hangers
  • 2 x Hydro Axis fans
  • 150mm Urban Farmer centrifugal extraction fan
  • 150mm Urban Farmer mixed flow intake fan with double blades (extremely quiet fan) 
  • 150mm Blackened ducting 10m long
  • Manual Auto timer 
  • Hygrometer
  • Paid of grow room glasses

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