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Made in Kiwi Land! Proven for many years in the commercial horticultural sector throughout New Zealand! 
  •  Long lasting and MASSSIVE yields 
  •  1x 1lt of Green Fairy (Grow nutrients) for vegetative growth
  •  1x 1lt of Green Fairy (Bloom nutrients) for fruit or flower
  •  1x 250ml of Green Fairy (Overload) for finishing one to two week only use (super strong) Adds bulk.
  •  1x Nutrients measuring cup or shot glass which ever is in stock 

Keep out of Reach of Children. 

Each formula has been proven in Auto Pots with clay balls, Fabric pots with coco coir and general potting mix. 

10mls each litre of water for watering and 5mls each lt for foliage spraying. 

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