Green Fairy Grow 1ltr

Home Grown Kiwi LTD

  • $29.00

  • Made in NEW ZEALAND
  • Free shipping
  • 1x1lt of vegetative grow nutrients 
  • Good for Hydroponics and Organic media. 
  • Used by commercial growers
  • Simple use
  • PGR Free

10ml to every 1lt of water for watering (do not pour water on leaves this will lead to Nutrient burn).

5ml to every 1lt of water for foliage spraying. (mild mix promotes grow and defends against pests).

Massive results of quality, taste and yields!

Feeding Template: Use grow nutrient for 2 weeks seedling to bloom. Use every third water, using filtered water or metal free water in between. Grow potion is designed to promote vegetative growth. You may want to use as foliage spray for the first 2 weeks of vegetative plant growth, then water with 10mls to each litre thereafter to bloom.

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