Green Fairy Bloom 1ltr

Home Grown Kiwi LTD

  • $29.00

  • Made in New Zealand
  • 1x1lt of Green Fairy Nutrients (bloom formula) 
  • Free shipping
  • Proven in Hydroponics and Potting mix /Coco Coir
  • Why use A and B Nutrients when this is all you need!
  • Massive yield
  • PGR Free
  • See new label attached

10ml to every 1lt for watering (do not pour on leaves you will get nutrient burn)

3 to 5mls to every 1lt for foliage spraying.

Feeding template: Every 3 days while in bloom up to 4 weeks out from harvest, then start overload nutrients for two weeks before flushing fruit, we recommend flushing for two weeks prior to harvest using water that has been left out over night to ensure added metals in the water have evaporated. 

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