Flexistar CMH Package 315w- 2 Free bulbs included valued at $258.00

Home Grown Kiwi LTD

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  • Save $279

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  • Compares to 500w (HID) but only pulling 315w out of the wall. 
  • 315w CMH fixture (Single ended bulb). 
  • Only one on the market with dimming option on all fixtures. 50%, 75% to 100% and Super lumens feature.
  • First or its type with dimming options on a 315w SE CMH fixture (This feature was by request for NZ customers). 
  • CMH is extremely popular unit in the USA and Canada.
  • Being a flat head makes it better for tents and areas where height is restricted!
  • Bulb is horizontal rather than vertical ensuring maximum light penetration
  • 3 mode adjustable function beam angle vega reflector allows you to manage your growing area to your needs. 
  • 120x120cm coverage area.
  • Best suited for green house, industrial horticulture use and Tent 1.8m tall or higher. 
  • 2xFREE  Par Gro Bulbs 1x4k and 1x3k
  • Italian Vega aluminum reflector
  • Reflector is flexible to suit area size.
  • 3m meter NZ power cord
  • Uniformed light output
  • 3 year manufacturers warranty
  • 12 month back to us warranty on Ballast and Reflector. 
  • Slow start technology ballast. 
  • Each bulb has 20000 hours life (equivalent to some Lamp LEDs) if super lumens feature is not used. 
  • Explosion proof long lasting bulb.
  • Advanced low frequency 
  • 32500 lumens
  • Square wave Technology 
  • We suggest an 4k bulb for vegetative growth and 3k for flowering or fruiting. 
  • Reduced heat compared to HIDs (HPS and MH)
  • Patent number 9,810,400
  • Packaging 60cm long 30cm wide
  • Two different ballast configurations (Flat top standard and recommended).
  • Can be managed by the Zeus master controller for up to 80 Ballasts. Which also mimics sunrise and sunset. The Zeus controller is $499.99 extra. 
  • New Zealand plug 
  • VIDEO of Fixture

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