Dave's Humate

Dave's Humate

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  • Organic Humate (BioGro certified)

    • 8kg bag ideal for conditioning the soil several months before you grow to increase microbes in the soil. 
    • Found below peat but above coal, humate is the world’s oldest and most concentrated form of compost.
    • Millions of years of organic forest residue makes this great product up to 20 x more potent than regular compost- so a little goes a long way – and its BioGro certified!
    • Absolutely ideal in poor, sandy soils or heavy clay where it adds valuable carbon to the soil and reduces leaching of vital trace elements.
    • Humate dramatically improves root growth, flowering and fruiting volume of all types of plants and is very easy and non-toxic to apply.
    • Suitable for all flowers, roses, lawns, vegetable gardens, fruit trees and pasture.
    • Perfect for beach areas, clay areas like the Manawatu.