Cloning and Seedling Package

Home Grown Kiwi LTD

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High dome changed to harden plastic high domes and heat mat has been upgraded to the large heat mat....see secondary pics.
2x High Dome Seedling/ Cloning Tray
1x 50L Coco/perlite or 16 Grow Rockwool Cubes
1xCoco 500ml A&B 
1x 60ml Cloner Gel By Flora Max
1x Large heat mat
1x Heat Mat Thermostat
1xPruners (changed to trimmer snips) 
2x Scalpel
1x Mister 2L
2x pairs of Nutrile Gloves. 
We can change the Coco/Perlite to Cloning Cubes x 16 make note at check for preference. 


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