Clone Spray by FloraMax

Clone Spray by FloraMax

Home Grown Kiwi LTD

  • $45.00
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  • 250ml
  • Clone Spray contains a carefully balanced combination of macro and trace elements that help guarantee 100% strike rate with clones and seedlings:
    • Promotes vigorous root growth
    • Promotes strong, healthy foliage
    • Prevents wilting of stems and leaves
    • Helps prevent transplant shock and ensures transition-less growth through to late veg phase.

    Clone Spray contains its own plant specific wetting agent. This increases Clone Spray’s capacity to penetrate foliage and maximize its effectiveness.


    Testimonial: “For Clone Spray we had amazing root eruption…It broke our previous rooting record by 3 days” (Purchasing manager from one of USA’s largest chains)

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