Black Hawk 200mm

Home Grown Kiwi LTD

  • $399.00

  • Black Hawk filters are designed to allow more air flow along the filter decreasing pressure on fans extending their life.
  • Being 1 meter long the black hawk filters are ideally suited for 120x240 up to 3.0x 3.0
  • Being 38mm thick the filters are a good mix between length and thickness to ensure odours heat and dusts are removed from tent without decreasing your fans life.
  • Black Filters are brought to you by Urban Farmer and designed right here in NZ. 
  • This filter would suit a 2.0x1.0  tent to 3x3m tent using an urban farmer 200mm fan. 
  • Remember your fan type will not only vary in size depending on you grow room size but also your lighting as HID tends to be a lot hotter needing more extraction. 
  • The Pre-filter on the black hawk is washable. 

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