B4 Bloombeast Beehive (Latest Model)

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  • This light will cover a 60x60 to 100x100cm square area for veg and bloom. 
  • The B4 is latest model of the bloom-beast A520. 
  • Draw 225 -+5w bridglux LEDs. 
  • 148 x 5w potential but total draw is 225 watts. 
  • The beauty of this LED is the built in timer, where you can adjust your times based on the hours and cycle you want your lights to operate under.
  • All the diodes are CREE and the COB is a CREE.  
  • Beehive B4 Cree COB LED Grow Light use 1 Cree CXA2530 60W white light, 148 5W Bridgelux and Epistar LEDs surround each COB, Three dimmers offer brightness settings for the light from seedling, vegetation, Blooming. 
  • Built-in timer with12 hours, 15 hours and 18 hours for each stage.
  • This revolutionary design provides your crop with Perfect Blend Spectrum Technology, amplifying growth rate, quality, size, yield, and gives you complete control over your photo-period. optical lens Magnifies PAR and Increases Canopy Penetration, 12 bands full spectrum range from 380-760nm (with UV& IR)will be the ideal addition to any complete indoor, or greenhouse application.

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