Aptus Mineral - Calmag 1ltr

Aptus Mineral - Calmag 1ltr

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MINERAL-CALMAG is, as the name suggests, a mineral calcium and magnesium booster. Designed to go with our APTUS range as a cleaner alternative to MASSBOOST for growers running multiple day / 7 day reservoirs, growers who don't run APTUS but are looking for a better calmag something as good or better than calimagic, and the DWC (Deep Water Culture) growers that LOVE the APTUS BASE but are having to use calmax, procal etc. MINERAL-CALMAG is not only the best mineral based calmag for growers, it is also profitable for stores. Since Calimagic left the market the only decent-ish calmag is Green Plant ProCal, and it is so cheap ($49 per 5L) that the shops make no money off it. APTUS is the better alternative for growers and retailers. 


Preferred method: 

All types of root drench, aeroponic, hydroponic, soil, media, NFT and DWC. Not recommended for foliar application. MINERAL-CALMAG is 100% mineral, clean and very stable. While it stabilises pH in the tank well, it does not contain ™pHperfect. 



With a 2 part base NPK = 0.4ml per 1L (Calimagic is 1ml) 

With APTUS BASE and town / municipal water = 0.6ml per 1L (Aptus) 

With APTUS BASE and RO/Soft water = 1ml per 1L

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