1000w CMH DE 4k

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  • By Nanolux
  • In our opinion the best bulb in the world
  • 4K Spectrum (see pic below) 
  • Massive coverage
  • Long life bulb Ceramic metal halide 1000W lamps from Nanolux are the first of its kind which actually work.
  • This low frequency lamp is 4K horticultural spectrum.
  • Ceramic Metal Halide is different from your standard metal halide and HPS lamps.
  • CMH lamps produce a much broader spectrum of light.
  • This broad spectrum allows the plant to absorb more usable light, giving the plant a more natural morphology usually only found in Sun grown plants.
  • Not only is there a more balanced PAR, CMH technology incorporates spectral wavelengths not found inside the PAR range, yet still helpful with increasing the quality of the plant.
  • The added UV increases essential oil production, increases color expression, and shortens internodal spacing.
  • While the added IR in the far red end of the spectrum increases the metabolism of the plant, thereby encouraging more aggressive growth.
  • With the CMH 1000W lamp, this technology can now be fully utilized as a standalone lighting source.
  • Our CMH 1000W fixtures are designed for commercial use and are suitable for vegetative and flowering purposes.
  • The lamps are only intended for use in the Summit 1000w

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